Hero Vs. Survivor

How do you kill a hero?

Batman 10

A true hero.


A hero who has always been there to you – keeping you safe when no one else would put in the effort to give a damn.

Batman 12

A hero you love.

Batman 13

Will always love.

Batman 14

A hero who is not perfect, but one you believe you deserve.

Batman 15

A hero who must die so that you, the survivor, can live.


Bullets deflect –

Blades never seem to penetrate deep enough.


Like a ghost, the hero always rises – to save you.


The hero knows more. Gathering information, piecing together clues you ignore to prepare for…





The hero remains calm. To him, it’s the same story different day. He’s been preparing, training since childhood. Since…the bad thing.


Batman 8

Preparing so you would not have to. So you could stay.

Batman 1

Remain –

Batman 2

a child.

Batman 3

Waiting to be saved.


But who saves the hero?

Does he need saving?

Does he deserve saving?

Or does he deserve to die –

A good death?

Batman 16

An honorable death?

Batman 17

So that you, the survivor, can live…

Batman 18

And learn to save yourself.

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